About Me

My whole life I have had an artistic eye and a curiosity to create. Being a visually oriented person who grew up as technology transformed the world, I was led to a career in design and digital media.

I would describe myself as a quick learner who is very persistent and truly believes that there are no design challenges that cannot be solved. Over the years, I have honed my natural eye for aesthetics through a wide variety of training and experience. I am very confident that I am good at what I do and have so much potential that I am excited to explore.

As a child, you are frequently asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. My response to this question would include some adorably stereotypical drawing of myself standing at an easel holding a paintbrush saying, “I want to be an artist!”. As an adult, I feel that I have come full circle with this question. I have discovered a path that allows me a way to be an artist in this modern world of constant media consumption and evolving technology.


I am, first and foremost, a graphic designer. It has become such a strong part of my identity and I truly could not see myself doing anything else. I am a confident designer, and have always felt pulled towards learning how to become better everyday. I’m resourceful, organized and I pick up on things easily allowing me to become efficient in my design endeavors. However, I am not afraid to ask for help and insight to help me grow.

I also consider myself a bit of a web designer in training. I am fascinated by it and have come to appreciate the balance of the design knowledge and technical precision that meld together to create a stunning website. Coding opens up this vast world with incredible opportunities to design and create something beautiful from such a technical standpoint.

I love typography and the intricacies that make it such a subtle, but powerful, element that has enormous power to change a design entirely. I’m also drawn to print design, the challenges it presents and the fulfillment of seeing a design come to life beyond the constraints of a screen.

Design is everywhere, even in places people might not expect. As a designer, you are granted this huge and wonderful responsibility of being able to subtly impact people’s lives every second of every day.

As a designer you must be constantly growing and evolving. In design, there is always knowledge to be gained and one can never truly know everything about their craft. I find this incredibly exciting and look forward to constantly learning and evolving everyday.

Recent Grad

I recently graduated from Canisius College at the top of my class, with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Arts. My concentration was always graphic design but I was able to pick up a web design concentration as well as several communication/advertising classes along the way. Unlike a typical design program, my education provided me with experience in various types of modern media and exposed me to interaction design, motion graphics, videography, etc. I felt it was important to have a fine arts background in addition, so I minored in Studio Arts. With that, I learned the basics of design, drawing, color theory and photography in studio classes.

I viewed my college years as the time to soak in as much knowledge as I possibly could in many different disciplines. I made sure to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself. Though doing so meant some insanely long days, sleep deprivation, a second home in the design lab and even taking multiple classes scheduled at the same time, I am so glad to have created such a well rounded education for myself. Having this wide foundation of knowledge and the expert insight from my professors under my belt helped to shape me into a confident designer with an effective eye and strong technical proficiency, ready to take on any challenge.


I am proud to be born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I loved growing up here among such a strong sense of community and pride that Buffalo possesses. Though I reside in the Village of Hamburg, the City of Buffalo provides a sense of comfort and nostalgia to me as well. I recently began to appreciate my hometown so much more as I have been able to watch it grow and thrive in the past few years. This beautiful city is re-emerging before my eyes and I am so lucky to be a part of its bright future.

One of my goals as a designer is to use my creativity and training to contribute to the renaissance and growth of my hometown moving forward. I cannot wait to explore the opportunities that Buffalo has to offer.

City Lover

I love exploring new cities. My ideal day would be aimlessly wandering around a new city, no destination in sight but just exploring and taking in the culture that shapes it. As much as I love new cities, New York City will always be a favorite as it holds an incredibly special place in my heart. Spontaneous trips to New York are some of my favorite memories in my life.

My love for cities reflects in my design aesthetic. I am inspired by urban elements, such as skylines, cityscapes and architectural elements.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Everything I own, unintentionally, tends to be a variation of the blue color that you see on this website.

  • I am the only person I know that clicks the mouse with their thumb.

  • I grew up in a family that supported and instilled a love for music and theater. Some of my favorite memories come from performing in my high school musicals. My love for theater stuck with me into adulthood and remains an important part of my life. There is no feeling that compares to experiencing live theater, especially on Broadway.

  • I have a growing collection of Starbucks city mugs. Having accumulated over 40 mugs in the past five years, it has become a fun tradition for my friends and family to always search for them when traveling. My collection sort of epitomizes me because it mixes my love for coffee, traveling and great design.

  • My favorite show has been Gilmore Girls for as long as I can remember.

  • I am truly a product of lots of coffee and late nights.