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Green Friday Event

2017 | Logo Design & Social Media Graphics

The Village of Hamburg has always always been a quaint and tight knit community with lots of personality and pride. Throughout the last few years, that has been expanded by the emerging businesses and initiatives. People have started to come to the village as a destination drawn in by these new businesses.

A tradition in the village is a shopping event called “Green Friday”, coinciding with the commercial giant “Black Friday” on the day after thanksgiving. As an alternative to Black Friday, people are encouraged to participate in the Green Friday event to support local businesses and recycle money back into the Village of Hamburg, hence the name “Green Friday”. Local businesses participate in the shopping event with incentives and deals for shoppers.

Until this year, the event was surrounded by some confusion and a lack of cohesion. I was tasked to create a logo that would anchor this event and could be a recognizable identity for the event in years to come. I also aided in the creation of various print collateral and social media graphics to aid in the reach of the event.

Since the event is about recycling money, including the universal recycling icon was a necessary element in the logo that would provide some clarity. I chose to use bold script that is prevalent in today’s design trends to create a more modern feel and compliment a simple condensed sans-serif. The contrast of these typefaces create a new and exciting feeling for the event. I wanted the logo to have feminine feel to it as well, as the event typically receives a large response from women and many of the participating businesses are boutique shops. This logo is versatile and can use be applied to a variety of uses, including social media, print collateral, etc.