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Intern Onboarding Kit for The Martin Group

2017 | Print Design to be Used in a Binder, Folder or Bound Book

I was an intern under a creative supervisor at The Martin Group during a very exciting time for the company. I got to experience the process of an agency rebranding themselves in preparation for big changes, like getting ready to make the move into a new building. In addition to getting to be a part of various aspects of agency life, I was tasked with a project that would span the entirety of my internship. This project was to create an intern onboarding kit for future interns, as one was not in place and I had the perspective of an intern. This piece was to be informative and functional, while also a visually interesting design piece. This was a challenge for me because it was so open ended, a contrast to school projects I was used to with very specific guidelines. I was forced to think outside the box, organize my ideas and hone in on my creativity.

This project had to be designed in line with The Martin Group’s new brand, which was in the process of being solidified. This presented the exciting challenge of getting to understand how a brand is created and how to create an effective design while staying true to the integrity of a brand.

I spent a lot of time looking through branding materials and becoming familiar with the parameters of the brand in addition to determining the most important information to include. I decided to include important facts and information as an introduction to the company, as well as some worksheets targeted at helping the intern set their goals and keep them on track during their internship.

The end result of this project is a multi-page packet that is on-brand yet reflects my own design aesthetic and will be informative to a new intern at the agency. I created a cover and dividers with the intention of being versatile and easily implemented in whatever form the packet may take, including binder, folder or bound book. I had so many ideas that simply couldn't have been executed in the time that I had as an intern. To accomodate for these ideas in the future, the design is easily expandable to allow for further addition of pages and elements to the different sections of the packet.