I’m Rachel, a graphic designer based in New York City!
With over a decade of design experience, I have worked in various capacities with clients ranging from local small businesses to large global corporations. Early in my career, I was drawn to advertising and most of my professional experience was spent in advertising agencies learning to strategize about marketing and honing my creative technique. Throughout my career, I have learned that I am incredibly adaptable as a designer, and even more so as a person.
I am a versatile designer with good instincts. I recognize the vital role that effective strategy plays in working hand in hand with creative design elements. From the meticulous attention to detail required in creating print mechanicals for packaging, defining a brand’s identity through careful selection of type and color, the collaboration required in social media to create effective campaigns, to the importance of an organized file naming structure…so much care and attention to detail goes into creating effective, meaningful work. I have a huge appreciation for that process and my contribution to it. 
To learn more about my professional experience, take a look at my resume
I pride myself on my natural propensity for creativity and organization.
Creativity and organization are skills I have honed throughout my life and career, from the careful organization of building paragraph styles in a 200-page publication in Adobe Indesign to the maximization of every inch of my small New York City apartment. I thrive on the challenge of creating order where there is overwhelm. 
I believe that design is a powerful organizational tool and that creativity and organization complement each other. Design is a vehicle to organize information and present it in digestible ways. It can make complex information easier to understand, it can aid in connecting people to broader communities, and it has the power to transform the identity of a brand to speak to a new audience. 
As a designer, I have an opportunity to grant some peace in the ever-present chaos we all exist within as humans. We all have plenty to constantly make sense of in our daily lives and if I can use my skills to cut through even some of that chaos, I am happy to accept that responsibility.
Growing up alongside the technological transformation of the world fueled my endless curiosity and shaped me into a designer.
Sitting at the desktop computer as a child designing paper dolls using Microsoft Word, spending hours meticulously building homes for my Sims (the best part of the game), and testing the limits of the family printer for my carefully designed song lyric collages to decorate my walls. The computer was a portal for me to transport myself. I learned to use it when my hands were so small that I adapted to clicking the mouse with my thumb, a quirky trait that remains with me over 20 years later.
Throughout my life and career, I have maintained a relentless pursuit of knowledge and embraced my instinct to soak in as much information as possible. It has made me a better designer and instilled confidence that I can adapt to any situation thrown at me.
You can find me wandering around New York City, listening to a Broadway cast album, or explaining Lorelai Gilmore’s contributions to society.
My favorite days are spent wandering around a city and making discoveries along the way. My recent relocation from my hometown of Buffalo, NY to New York City has introduced endless possibilities for exploration. Getting to wander the streets of New York every day is my childhood main-character dream come true. 
I love theater–broadway, off-broadway, having niche conversations about random actors in shows–I’m here for all of it. Having access to the epicenter of theater here in New York, I spend my time trying to immerse myself whenever possible.
My love for design embedded itself at an early age and I have always loved experimenting with designing my environment. As another millennial recovering from my all-gray interiors of the past, I am actively filling my space with color and texture. Embracing the pursuit of creating these joy-filled spaces has become a nice hobby.
I am fascinated by pop culture. I love participating in and observing it. I have always been interested in dissecting its effects on society. People develop around the things they love and those interests deserve to be embraced and celebrated. It is always safe to assume that I’m watching Gilmore Girls in the background of whatever I’m doing. It has been there for me from my pre-Rory years to my almost-Lorelai years. I cannot imagine who I would be without letting the younger versions of myself get lost in the obsessions of my youth.
I have an impressive ability to store information in my brain, like quotes from decades-old shows or song lyrics I haven't heard in years. These seemingly useless skills informed by pop culture have helped shape me into an incredibly reliable person with meticulous attention to detail.
All of these formative pieces of my identity have given me the ability to strategize, empathize, and approach problem-solving from multiple perspectives.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me!
I love connecting, learning people’s stories, and expanding my perspectives.
If you would like to learn more about me or discuss working together, please contact me
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